Pathway B

Pathway B candidates have a Masters degree from a program established for the training of genetic counsellors that is not ACGC accredited. For candidates who have graduated or are graduating from non-ACGC accredited programs, each application to write the CBGC examination will be assessed on an individual basis. Candidates applying through Pathway B must submit their first application within 5 years of graduation.

All Pathway B candidates are required to submit the following documentation and pay all appropriate fees by the application deadline. Detailed description of the required documentation can be found on the CBGC website.

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Official Transcript (and Program Director statement for student applications)
  3. Letters of Recommendation (three)**
  4. Case Logbook **
  5. Request for Special Consideration
  6. Description of Course Content
  7. Description of Clinical Training
  8. List of Professional Activities
  9. One page CV/Resume
  10. Fees

**Effective as of  2023, requirements for case supervisors (logbook) and referees (letters of recommendation) will change.  See details in required documents section and logbook instructions.