Credential Review

Applications to write the CBGC Certification Examination will be completed online; the accompanying documents will be uploaded on the CBGC website at the time of application. Upon receipt of the completed application and the application fee, all credentials will be reviewed by the CBGC.

Candidates must have submitted their completed application form, director statement (for current students) and paid their fees by the application deadline. Reference letters must be received or postmarked by the application deadline. Current students must submit their transcript OR a 'Confirmation of eligibility to graduate' letter by July 31st. If a ‘Confirmation of eligibility to graduate’ letter is submitted for credential review, successful candidates must submit their transcripts before using the designation Canadian Certified Genetic Counsellor and receiving their certificate.

The CBGC approves candidates for admission to the examination at its discretion. Once applications have been approved, individuals will receive a letter confirming that they are eligible to sit for the examination. Additional information regarding the examination time, date, and location will be provided at that time.

Candidacy Requirements

The CBGC limits eligibility for candidacy to those applicants who meet predetermined criteria. The CBGC may, at its sole discretion, declare a candidate ineligible to sit the CBGC Examination if training, background, or references are deemed inadequate. Any person applying for candidacy found to have submitted fraudulent documents or to have misrepresented their education or experience will be barred from sitting future CBGC examinations.

Board Eligibility

Candidates who meet the criteria to apply to write the CBGC certification examination through Pathway A,B,C or D are considered to be 'Board Eligible'. This term is used by the candidate at their discretion. The CBGC does not deem a candidate eligible to write the examination until their application has been approved

Upon approval of their applications, Candidates will have up to 3 attempts to pass the examination within 5 years. Candidates who apply through Pathways A,B and C must submit their first application within 5 years of their graduation. Candidates who apply through Pathway D will have 3 attempts within 5 years of the approval of their application. If a candidate is unsuccessful at achieving Certification within this timeframe, they may be eligible to reapply.