Pathway C

Pathway C candidates have a Masters degree in Genetic Counselling from a Canadian program that is not ACGC accredited. The institution must have received pre-approval from the CBGC on the basis of good professional standing and a documented history of candidates that have been deemed eligible through Pathway B. Candidates applying through Pathway C must submit their first application within 5 years of graduation.

In order for a candidate to apply through Pathway C, their institution’s program director must apply for Pathway C status by submitting the following via email to

Descriptions of Course Content: For each course required of the Master’s degree, please provide a one-paragraph description of course content. Links to websites will not be reviewed, but enclosed descriptions from websites and course catalogues are acceptable. Descriptions longer than one paragraph will not be reviewed. Course content should document coursework in medical human genetics, human biology and behavioural sciences (i.e. counselling theory, crisis intervention, psychological assessment, grief/bereavement counselling, interviewing and counselling techniques, ethical/ cultural issues etc.).

The above documentation must be received from the institution by 11:59pm on October 1 prior to the examination year. Institutions will be notified of their Pathway C status by December 1. Once approved by the CBGC, graduates of pre-approved programs may apply through Pathway C. Pre-approval designation will be valid for three examination cycles and will only be valid for candidates that graduated within that time period. Pre-approval is invalidated if there are significant changes to the program, such as the duration of the program, the number of required courses or the number of clinical rotations. 

All Pathway C candidates are required to submit the following documentation and pay all appropriate fees by the application deadline. Detailed description of the required documentation can be found on the CBGC website.

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Official Transcript (and Program Director statement for student applications)
  3. Letters of Recommendation (three)**
  4. Case Logbook **
  5. Fees

**Effective as of  2023, requirements for case supervisors (logbook) and referees (letters of recommendation) will change.  See details in required documents section and logbook instructions.