Pathway D

Pathway D candidates have a Masters degree from a program established for the training of genetic counsellors and have a current and valid certification from the ABGC, the GCRB or HGSA and be in good standing with the corresponding organization; other certifications may be considered. Although clinical experience in a genetic counselling role in Canada is strongly encouraged, it is not a requirement to apply to Pathway D.

Candidates who apply to Pathway D and fail the certification exam can re-apply at the next examination cycle through the “Re-Examination” pathway. Candidates who fail to achieve certification during their 5 year eligibility will no longer be eligible for Pathway D; they may apply through Pathway B.

All Pathway D candidates are required to submit the following documentation and pay all appropriate fees by the application deadline. Detailed description of the required documentation can be found on the CBGC website.

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Request for Special Consideration
  3. Letters of Recommendation (three) **
  4. Proof of certification from the ABGC, GCRB or HGSA, or from another certification body.
  5. Fees

**Effective as of  2023, requirements for case supervisors (logbook) and referees (letters of recommendation) will change.  See details in required documents section and logbook instructions.