Examination Day

Reporting Time/Check-in

Candidates are advised to report 15-30 minutes prior to the examination starting time. At the time of check-in, each candidate must present:
  1. The letter of confirmation received from the CBGC approving their application.
  2. A form of government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, age of majority card).

Candidates who arrive late will not be admitted and will lose one exam attempt and forfeit their examination fee.

Supplies Required

A non-programmable calculator will be permitted. Calculators will be checked by the invigilators prior to admission to the examination site. Candidates may wish to bring a pencil to make notes. No other supplies will be allowed and no study materials/papers may be brought into the test site.

Test Security

Examinees who attempt to violate security will not have their examination processed and will fail to achieve certification.

Communication between examinees during the examination is not permitted and will not be tolerated. If a candidate is suspected of cheating, a warning will be given and the candidate will be allowed to finish the exam. A full report of the incident will be made by the site invigilator and presented to the CBGC after the exam. The report will be reviewed and investigated. A decision as to whether or not to score the exam will be made at that time.

A candidate caught with materials for cheating or found to be giving or receiving assistance will be required to submit their exam and leave the room. In this circumstance, the candidate’s exam will not be scored and the examination will be considered a failure. The candidate may be barred from sitting any future Canadian certification examination.

Any irregularities of conduct or disruptive behaviour in the exam room will be reported and the chief invigilator may ask the candidate to leave.

Technical Problems or Disruptions

All significant technical problems or other disruptions are reported to the CBGC immediately after the examination. Accommodations, such as additional examination time, may be made by the proctor at the time of the examination as the results of a technical problem or disruption.

The CBGC will take all technical problems or other disruptions into account during the post-examination evaluation. Candidates should make the proctor aware of any technical problems or other disruptions that may affect their examination performance. If a technical problem occurs during the exam and is not reported to the proctor, an appeal based on the technical problem will not be considered.

Additional Comments

To minimize possible distractions during the examination, candidates will not be allowed to bring food into the test site. As an additional courtesy, we also ask that candidates please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented products as they may cause discomfort to those who have allergies or sensitivities.